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Would You Try A New Kink?

I have been slowly sorting through my fetish equipment to re-familiarise myself with my enormous collection of old and new kinky things. Some items have needed a good clean. Some needed to be reunited with their laces. Some toys I had forgotten I had! Some treasures have proved to be too severe for most so have largely just been decoration, hanging from a rack, or displayed on a glass hood. Forlornly gazing out, never fulfilling their potential to scare the bejeezus out of a submissive or fetish male, as I zip up, lace up or buckle up.

Extreme Breath Play Hood with Posture Collar

Some items are just not designed for everyone. This particular #rubberhood (see image above) is one of those hoods that scares those it fits, but doesn't fit those who want to be scared.

As you can see, the back has a full length zip, as well as a lace up #posturecollar. It's also incredibly long, so only suitable for slim to average necks. The posture collar has steel bones so there is no forgiveness. Your head will be pushed up and supported and you will not be turning your head to look at me.

Taking my time

It's important to emphasise that there is no rushing here. I will not rush to zip you up. Nor will I rush to lace up the collar. Every movement I make will be carefully considered and full enjoyed as I slide the zip from the top of your head, down the back towards the base of your neck. I will slowly pull the rubber hood tighter across your face to ensure that the zip doesn't need to be tugged or pulled.

Still taking my time

After checking that you haven't expired, I will then slowly and deliberately lace up the posture collar, pulling on the lace to make sure that it is a snug fit. Once you warm up my rubber with your body heat, I will further tighten the laces to ensure a tight, shiny, firm grip. Your posture will be perfected.

Breathplay hood

Did I mention that its a #breathplay hood?

  • No mouth hole

  • No eye holes

  • Restricted nostril holes

As you can see it is very important to ensure that the nostril holes line up with the nostrils, especially when I am taking my own sweet time to ensure the laces are neat and tidy.

Once the hood is zipped up and laced up I can focus on the breathing, or the prevention of breathing.

Now imagine being gently and carefully enclosed in a #rubberbodybag or a #rubberstraitjacket and being completely dependant on me to ensure that you have just enough air to stay alive and enjoy the experience.

Old sub, new experiences

As I haven't had him insured yet, my subby hubby david knows he's safe enough to try something new. david has tried #sensorydepravation (#sensdep) before but never with rubber, as rubber has never really appealed to him before.

Almost straight away, as I was pulling the hood tight for the zip, he started to enjoy the feel of the #rubber hugging his head. The only concern was lining up the nostrils but once that was sorted he relaxed as I enjoyed the lacing up.

I kept him the hood for a while, and had some fun blocking the nostrils and watching him rebreathe in that tight fitting #rubberhood with integrated #posture collar, until I needed him to try on something else for me.

So remember...!

As much as you enjoy your tried and trusted favourite preferred form of kink, there is still plenty of time for you to discover a new love, so give it a go and embrace the experience.

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