It is my deeply held opinion that Lady Anna is the world leader among the myriad of professional mistresses operating today, in terms of both the specific nature of her medical specialties and level of skill she employs when practising them. Employing authentic and rare vintage clinical apparatus of a quality and range not often seen outside of a museum, she uses her deep understanding of the psychological underpinning of the full range of medical fetishes to unpick the needs and desires of her clients, and manipulates that information to create deeply rewarding sessions that satisfy the cravings of even the most particular patients.


Being a regular patient I can testify that as a terrified newbie I was welcomed warmly and immediately put at my ease. My first session was a revelation and immediately ticked all the boxes for experiences that I had been seeking for most of my life, all inspired by a dental visit at a young age. As the months and sessions have passed I have experienced a constantly evolving dialogue with Lady Anna, and with each session she further unpicks my fetishes and the inner workings of my mind to ensure that each visit is more rewarding that the one before, each time deepening in intensity and complexity. Sessions can vary from painstakingly authentic, period specific consultations to highly fetishised, pure fantasy scenarios, with Lady Anna being equally skilled at both. My personal kink other than medical is rubber fetishism, and this has regularly been combined with my treatment with mind blowing results.


If you are considering booking a session with Lady Anna I would, without reservation, encourage you to do so, as the only regret that I have is that I did not begin my treatment years ago.


"Lady Anna is sublimely enchanting and you cannot fail to be at ease in her extremely experienced hands. The levels of detail and equipment in her chambers are second to none. If it is the re-creation of that long ago experience you are seeking then I would say wholeheartedly that you need seek no further!"​


“I visited Lady Anna at her klinic as I had seen her website and was very intrigued.  As a lover of latex, rubber and gas I was looking forward to the visit.


Upon arrival at the clinic Lady Anna greeted me dressed in a latex dress and high boots and a red rubber apron which was a wonderful sight.  We discussed what it was that I liked and how she could help me experience all that she offers.  I was shown into another room and told to change into the latex clothing that had been laid out ready for me and when ready I was escorted into the klinic.


The klinic is superbly equipped, bright and welcoming, but what caught my eye was the surgical couch covered in straps and the anaesthesia machine next to it.


I was told to lay on the couch and the treatments would begin.


The treatments were some of the most exciting that I have ever experienced.  At all times I felt extremely safe.  Lady Anna was the consummate professional, almost knowing what I needed before I realised I needed it.  In short it was the best session I have ever experienced.


When it was over she looked after me, made sure I was feeling ok and allowed me to shower and prepare for my journey home.


I would recommend that anyone reading this book an appointment with Lady Anna at the earliest opportunity and experience the ministrations of one of the finest fetish nurses on the planet.”


I have had the privilege, on more than one occasion, of being admitted for treatment at Lady Anna’s clinic.

There is no other expectation that compares to waiting to be called to the clinic on the day of my appointment. The dry mouthed and dizzy text message to confirm arrival is the pinnacle of days of excited anticipation.

Arriving at the clinic is always a thrill. The mischievous look in Lady Anna’s eye always promises so much, and the first glimpse of the bewildering array of authentic anaesthesia paraphernalia never ceases to make my heart beat still faster. Those hoses, bags and shiny medical tools fill me simultaneously with fear and excitement.

It is difficult to explain in words the intensity of the experience of being Lady Anna’s patient. It is no exaggeration to state that I entrust my life to her care. It is such a frisson to know, as she sensuously but firmly tightens the cuffs around my wrists and ankles that there is to be no escape, no safeword in what comes next, only complete submission to nurse and her whims.

The session is always a roller-coaster ride of sensations and emotions. Those breathplay experiences cannot be had anywhere else. The slowly increasing frenzied loss of control as her influence takes me over completely is without parallel. It’s such a thrill to be hit full force by the Lady Anna express-train of anaesthesia experiences. When all else has faded to blackness, the searing gaze from Lady Anna as she presses down the mask to her oh-so-willing patient is all that remains.

While her dominance is total in session, it comes with the deepest care. I shall always treasure the way she stroked my hand when the intensity of the memories so vividly evoked by Anna’s treatment reduced me to a young boy’s tears. It is so much more than the equipment and intoxicants; a visit to the clinic is an opportunity to be in Lady Anna’s thrall. The treasure-trove of memories (and half-remembered moments of bewildered intoxication) from our sessions sustains me between visits. I still can’t quite believe that so many of my deepest fantasies and kinky desires have come true under Lady Anna’s influence and care.


I have been fortunate enough to visit Lady Anna many times. My dad had an old saying that if something was too good to be true then it probably wasn’t.


Well I guess my dad didn’t ever visit Anna. (As far as you know...Ax)  She is simply the best medical mistress. She has a deep understanding of the mental and physical needs of her patient and a clear and obvious love of what she does.


The clinic is equipped to the highest standard. The sight of the couch, the black beauty mask and anaesthetic machine(s) was all I ever needed. Both authentic and also a fetishists paradise.


But what you will get on top is a stunning, intelligent, fun, wicked domme who will take you to heaven and back. Some medical kinks carry risk. Anna is the safest, sanest and most discreet domme I have sessioned with. The aftercare and mental wellness side of sessioning is essential for her.


Whether seeking strict or sensual, painstakingly accurate attention to detail, wild imaginative fantasy, or just unbridled indulgence in your personal fetish; Anna is perfect for you. 


Live moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop at The Anna List Clinic once in a while you could miss it…


"As someone who isn't able to session with a mistress in person, custom videos are a lifeline. The 'Obedience Clinic' video couldn't have been more perfect! Nurse Anna not only understood the unusual scenario perfectly, but has clearly put in a lot of time and thought about how best to record it, and I'm absolutely bowled over by the result. 😍"



“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt