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What Is A Fetish?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Asking what a fetish is, is problematic. There is the dictionary definition, well several actually, and then there is the casual definition, but then there is the really serious definition that medical professionals use.

Casually a fetish is a good excuse to explain why someone spends more than they ought to on desirable items which convey a sense of status to the user and the observer. This is conspicuous consumption, usually:

  • Shoes, preferably designer

  • Watches, preferably luxury brands

  • Handbags, designer of course

Calling it a fetish is a good enough excuse.

Then there are activities, such as

  • Cleaning (some call it OCD when it isn't at all)

  • Organising

You've seen the incredible popularity of Mrs Hinch and her Hinchers (followers)who are ridiculously obsessed with cleaning products and cupboard hooks and shelves.


Going Wrong

But then there is the definition which appears in the diagnostic manual of mental disorders which defines a fetish as an attraction to an inanimate object that prevents personal relationships and impinges on everyday activities such as holding down a job or getting arrested for trying to shag your car's exhaust. Another bizarre one I read about was a man arrested for trying to copulate with bicycles. Yes, there are others too!

Going Wrong In Session

As you can see if you follow the link above, some fetishes can go wrong, but what about in session? Maybe the fetish is still a fantasy, and well, let's say that some fetishes should stay fantasy and some fantasies should definitely stay a fantasy.

Many years ago a client wanted to try Mistress' Champagne. Otherwise known as Mistress' nectar, or golden elixir, but to most, just pee. I duly chained him up to my steel wall rings, peed (artfully I might add) into a large glass, being careful not to splash any on my flooring (or dribble down my leg) and I commanded him to take a drink. I held up the glass, tipped it into his open mouth and watched with horror as he screwed up his face, and promptly spat out the pee all over my clean stone flagged floor.


What did he think it was going to taste like, I wonder?

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I would sip first ♥️. I adore your videos.

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