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Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic has been carefully designed by Anna List, the UK's first dedicated Medical Mistress and Gas Mistress, to appeal to the authentic scene loving patient (you'll love the original NHS patient gowns) to the kinkiest fetishists who need medical play and breath play procedures in layers of restrictive rubber, zips, and buckles. 

The Anna List Medical Clinic boasts the finest array of both authentic and original genuine medical equipment, including (but not restricted to);

  • Dental Anaesthetic Trolley

  • Boyles type

  • 1960-1970

  • O2 and N2O

  • Halothane vaporiser

Ohmeda Boyle Petite 2

  • Obtained from veterinary surgery

  • c. 1980s

  • O2 and N2O

  • Isoflurane vaporiser

McKesson 'Simplor' Model K

  • Dental

  • c.1950

  • O2 and N2O

  • Goldman Halothane vaporiser

McKesson 'Nargraf' Model K

  • Dental

  • pre 1950

  • O2 and N2O

  • Goldman Halothane vaporiser

Gynaecology Plinth

  • Genuine medical plinth

  • Electrical and gas assistance for height and comfort

  • Chair or couch

  • Rubberised knee troughs

Genuine Posey

Dental chair

  • Cast iron base

  • Leather upholstery

  • Full spin

  • Full reclining position for patient

  • Posey

  • Humane Restraints

  • Segufix

  • Extremely rare

  • French

  • 1920s?

  • Height adjustable seat and head rest


  • E-stim 2B powerbox

  • E-stim ElectroHelix

  • Various insertables

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