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Dental Surgery

Here we are.

1. A traumatic childhood experience happened to you at the dentist.

2. Your puberty subsequently turned your trauma into a fetish.

3. Your fetish developed over time, demanding to be explored.

4. You discovered kink and roleplay.

5. It's now time to see me.

So, here we are. 

Please take a seat.

Dental chair

  • Cast iron base

  • Leather upholstery

  • Full spin

  • Full reclining position for patient

  • Extremely rare

  • French

  • 1920s?

  • Height adjustable seat and head rest

The Salisbury

  • Genuine dental anaesthetic trolley c1950s

  • Halothane vaporiser

  • Painstakingly researched aromas

Nose masks

  • Genuine chrome plated nose mask with rubber tubing

  • Genuine rubber nose mask with rubber tubing


  • Jennings & Whitehead gags

  • Mouth props

  • Rubber pull up pants

  • PVC Suprima pull up & popper

Dental strap

  • Genuine dental strap c1950s

  • Quick release buckle 

  • Leather and canvas for that authentic experience

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