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The Tremblr: a review

I've been researching various masturbation and milking machines for quite a while now. I used to own a Venus 2000, but sold it on when I temporarily retired from pro-domming. The Venus was good but not guaranteed. Especially not with my patients who were often...umm...compromised. Serious Kit milking machine was on the market before I retired, and remains an extremely visually appealing piece of kit. But what about the new toys on the market like the Tremblr, or the very attractive Generation F from Enfettered with the trolley that has an arm supporting all the tubes.

I asked around on Fetlife and Twitter, and got lots of useful responses. One of the problems in my research was that I don't have a penis, so I can only go by honest reviews.

Which one do I invest a considerable amount of capital in?

Fortunately, my torturous research and procrastination was solved by one of my most favourite long term patients who gifted me with a Tremblr!

I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!

The Tremblr

It's beautiful. It's very compact, the pump being stored away in a smart black carry case. It works very much like the Venus 2000, with different sized receivers to fit the size of the penis. A remote to pump in or subtract air to control the length of the stroke and an adjustable arm to fine tune the correct length for the length of the patient.

I tried it on my first patient and was a little disappointed that it wasn't hands free as promised. Despite my fiddling with the remote, the receiver was intent on pushing out my patient. It took some force holding it on, although I did enjoy the suction desperately trying to grab the glans and consume it. My patient was understandably underwhelmed.

After the session I read the instructions and discovered the issue. With the included tool I adjusted the arm to the correct setting for my patient and we tried again.

My patient went very quiet, and started making some odd noises. After a while he stiffened and then collapsed in a heap. I poked him.

"You okay? Did that work then?"

He nodded.

"Can you speak?"

He shook his head.


What a fabulous gift for The Clinic.

Of course, one guinea pig does not full research make. In order to conclude my experiment I need a lot more guinea pigs and lab rats.

I would also like some more contributions to the Clinic of the same.

I've already got the Slubb which is extremely noisy and can be a bit brutal to sensitive foreskins.

I used to have the Cobra, I think it was called a Cobra, a blue and white battery device with a silicone receiver that used to vibrate. Great little toy but can't find them anymore. Are they still available?

Help me with my research by answering the questions below.

Would you like to be a labrat for my semen extraction experiments?

  • YES! I mean, if you want to Nurse Anna

  • Nope, not for me. I'm too shy Nurse Anna

and which toy?

Assuming I have them all that is.

Which toy does it for you?

  • Tremblr

  • Slubb

  • Venus 2000

  • Serious Kit milker

You can vote for more than one answer.

Those patients who donate to the Clinic get extra benefits.

If you would like to book a session with me click below

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Aug 03, 2023

Which toys are contraindicated for men with phimosis? (Non-retracting foreskin, for the rest of you.) Also, which have a supply of lube, for patients who might take forever due to having been slightly hypnotised to have inhibited ejaculation?


Apr 03, 2023

The thing I love about SeriousKit is the lube. Just deliciously slippery!

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