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New Medfet Kit?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

I love #medfet. I love new things. I love new #medfetkit even more. Especially if it:

  • Is very old

  • Peculiar

  • Shiny

  • Has working moving parts

  • Looks scary

  • Makes david roll his eyes and dread having to move it...but really I know he can't wait to have a go

Futuristic or Nostalgic Medfet Kit?

I totally get the new, white, shiny, modern, futuristic aesthetic when it comes to designing #medfetclinics and #whiterooms, and I have some of that, but I just love the feeling of nostalgia and history that comes from #authenticmedical and #vintagemedical instruments and equipment.

I appreciate the rusty spots, the scratches, the creases, and all those other marks that prove the item was in circulation, and has been used on real patients. I wonder if anyone ever thought, decades ago, that this thing they are sitting on, or holding on their hand, or having inserted into their body would end up with someone like me? Being used on somebody like you?

My aim, my plan, my preference is a mixture of both aesthetics; a sort of eclectic mish mash that somehow works in the sharp contrasts.

My Medfet Watch List

I try to avoid eBay as much as I can. I do this because I always manage to find something that I didn't know I couldn't live without.

  • Can I use it?

  • Can I sterilise it, or otherwise clean it sufficiently?

  • Will it have to stay as a display item?

  • Can I fix it?

  • Do I want it, or need it?

I usually buy it.

I pretend I'm not going to by adding it to my Watch List, but...I keep seeing it in my Clinic, with one of my patients in it, on it, or otherwise acquainted with it and I justify buying it as a business expense, or an investment, rather than an impulse purchase driven by my internal and eternal magpie.

Then I wonder how to get it from the other end of the country to my Clinic.

Which Room?

My next quandary is where is my new toy going to be installed?

[The links above will not activate until 1 May - be patient]

I'm leaning towards my Asylum Facility, but I already have a large piece of equipment destined for there so it may not fit, but I'll make it fit, somehow. I have so many ideas swirling around my head the room often needs to be at least twice the size it actually is. My Asylum isn't open yet, so I could use it in my other rooms, and start introducing it to my patients. I'm sure they will love it.

Whilst I am faffing around working all of the logistics out, I thought you would like a little peak of me unwrapping it.

Much more to come.

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1 comentario

Yep, it does look perfect for the asylum facility as it has a nostalgic vibe and has a nicely scary clinical feeling about a patient being strapped to it :) . I also love to see the rare and old fashioned anesthesia cyprane gas mask instrument in your videos.

Me gusta
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