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Pornhub and xHamster - Copyright Theft

Updated: May 19, 2022

It's very sad when someone tells you about your content being shared on sites such as Pornhub and xHamster. This is copyright theft. Copyright theft damages artists. These sites are supposed to be sharing users privately filmed material with others. By that I mean their own material, featuring them, producing a scene that they curated, using their words, their equipment, their talents, their skill using their time, and their money.

Not mine. Not the other Mistresses. Not the any number of women who have their content stolen and then shared illegally across websites, websites such as Pornhub and xHamster who KNOW the content is stolen. Watched by people who KNOW THE CONTENT IS STOLEN.

Stolen intellectual property and copyright theft and infringement I'm not naive. I know my content has been stolen from the day after I uploaded it to a pay site such as Clips4Sale. Initially you shrug and think, well, I have watermarked my films, at least viewers know where to find me. But that is not the point.

Every time a stolen film is watched that represents lost income from my pocket, to pay my bills, to fund further films. Now multiply that by every other independent content producer out there. That represents billion of dollars of lost revenue that should be going to the producer of that film. Perhaps the thieves think one of the following:

  • Mistresses are rich, they can afford it.

  • It's only one or two films.

  • Well, I am selflessly sharing their content to help them grow their fanbase.

  • I have the right to view perfectly curated kink for FREE!

Whichever it is, these men (because they are men) need to know a few things. Mastercard and Visa

Porn sites are freaking out right now. It does not matter where they have based their servers, they need to adhere to the Gods: Mastercard and Visa and they all have paid premium tiers in their membership, they don't want to lose the ability to take your credit card payments. Mastercard and Visa are very keen to avoid anything that looks remotely like sex trafficking, or illegal sexual activity. Very keen. Ask Pornhub about that!

Section 2257

A while back the US brought out section 2257. A producer must keep records of verified IDs of all models to ensure and prove they are not underage. When films are uploaded the uploader must declare that they hold these records, or they risk the films being deleted. They risk being prosecuted.

People who steal and share my films do not have:

  • Proof of copyright

  • Proof of models' ages

  • My permission

  • My face

DMCA Notice

This means I can issue a DMCA notice to any website, who recognise it whether through legal requirement or through voluntary statement, and they all do, because Mastercard and Visa want them to. And I will. I have already issued a notice today to xHamster.

When I issue DMCA statements against these users, oh yes, I let the site know which users are common thieves, these users will find that they lose their accounts and all their little stolen content sharing friends. Oh dear, what a shame. So sad.

Do you steal?

Oh and don't think, 'Ah well, Mistress, you see I only watch the content on these stolen content sites, I don't actually share'.

Well, you are a thief too. Watching stolen content is theft too. Using sites such as Pornhub and xHamster is no different than buying a cheap phone from the guy in the pub.

Do you like kink?

If you like watching kink, then please support the people who produce it. We don't make a lot of money. Most people go to free sites to watch what they think they are entitled to. Those sites make money because they never have the cost of producing our videos.

We make some money. That's all. Some. Just enough to cover the cost of making them. So with that in mind, ask yourself.

  • Do I like watching films that cater for my particular kink?

  • Would I like my favourite Mistresses to continue making films for me?

  • Do I respect these women?

If the answer is yes, then you know what to do.

Let your Mistress know. Report our stolen content to us. Do it anonymously, we all have contact forms. We appreciate your help.

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