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ManyVids - A New Clip Store (to me)

Updated: May 19, 2022

I've recently discovered a new clip store, ManyVids, well new to me, but then I did go into retirement for the best part of the last 5 years, and goodness me, hasn't the internet grown and given us so many more opportunities!?

Internet Challenges

We live in a farm, on a very big hill, so our internet is crap. It is really crap. I'm lucky to squeeze out a regular 2-8mbps from our router. Uploading content is a far more laborious and frustrating process than it should be. During bad weather (as in, all the time) our internet drops out completely and the upload fails. Again.

So, why do I like Manyvids so much?

  1. It is incredibly easy to upload my extensive library of videos and galleries.

  2. I love the interface. After years of ancient Clips 4 Sale, this is much more attractive and user friendly.

  3. MV puts a digital fingerprint on each and every bit of content I upload to their site.

Digital Fingerprint?

So, what is a digital fingerprint? It's just a bit of code. It's added to the file so when a buyer downloads my content, it also downloads this additional bit of code.

This is nothing to be concerned about unless you intend to upload my content to parasitical sites such as Pornhub or XHamster who don't care where the content comes from, let alone cares about s2257. They certainly don't care about the intellectual property rights or image rights of content producers and models. Click on the link above to learn more about this.

MV uses crawlers to find their digital fingerprints and when found will issue an automatic takedown notice to the hosting website.


You can buy and upload as your own elsewhere but the internet will find you and remove you. Automatically.

New Content

MV has thought about the producer so I'm very happy to make them my primary clip store which means all my new content, at my new clinic will be for sale on MV and MVs only. You can find my MANYVIDS store here.

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