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Are You A Member Yet, Are You On My Patient List?

Have you noticed yet, that on my website, you can log in and become a member? If you sign up you automatically join my Patient List.

Do you get it?

I, Anna List, have a Patient List. It's like you are a member of my fetish family. It can be your name as well as your status. Ah well, it tickles me.

Patient List

If you are on the Patient List, you will be able to see patient only pages.

Casual browsers won't be able to see them. I think they may be able to see that there are additional pages on my website, but they won't be able to access them without being asked to sign up.

Hopefully, that will dissuade the very casual browsers but help to gather some free ranging loose patients who need gathering up to be registered, and assessed, and treated accordingly.

The Waiting Room

Those who do plan on hanging around, and decide to sign up, will be able to take a seat in The Waiting Room to have a chat, or listen in (and be tempted to have a chat) with other patients.

Mobile Unit/app

If you are already a patient and you have already downloaded the app, you will be able to see the The Waiting Room under the Forum tab.

Are You An Outpatient Patient?

If you are a member of my Patreon you will see an additional room. This is a private room, for Patreon patients only.

I'll be spending more time consulting in this particular room.

Message me straight away to ensure that you are given access.

Unfortunately I can't announce anything relating to this site on Patreon because this site leads you straight to me in Real Time which falls foul of FOSTA/SESTA laws.

So yeah...

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