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Am I Your Gas Mistress?

I've been a Gas Mistress for a very long time. For some of my patients I am Nurse, For some I am Mistress, whatever I do. For others I am just Anna.

I have talked about fetishists and submissives in other blogs so I won't go into the similarities or differences here, this blog is more of a question that I have. What, or who, or both, am I to you?

Whilst you consider my question, you may want to be reminded of my extensive experience gained from when I very first started waaaaaay back in 2005.

What better way to remind you than this fabulous showreel recently produced by my subby hubby (see button below the poll), you can follow him on KinkKapture on Instagram.

I've added my showreel to my home page Reception. The volume is muted, so if you can TURN UP THE VOLUME and enjoy.

Let me know your answer below or message me privately. I know some of you are shy ;).

Am I Your Mistress?

  • Mistress

  • Nurse

  • Fetish facilitator

  • Therapist

You can vote for more than one answer.

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