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Nurse Anna List, the foremost professional Medical Mistress, Dental Anaesthesia Fetish Role Player, and Breath Control Expert conceived the idea of a dedicated white room play space that specialised in medical fetish play. This medical fetish based clinic would be furnished with genuine medical clinic and hospital furniture, enhanced with fetish objects such as hoods, restraints, & devices , complemented by fetish materials including latex, rubber and leather. The medical clinic offers genuine authentic medical kit and medical furniture with genuine asylum quality medical restraints & latex gloves, latex aprons, rubber masks, and cold, hard sterilised medical grade steel. All your fantasies of being embarassingly but erotically compromised by deviant, devilish and delightful nurses can be played out and come true! Over the years Medical Mistress Anna List found herself increasingly drawn to breath control play with a particular interest and fascination in anaesthesia, or gas, role play, the ultimate in edge play and power exchange. laying under the mask, and gazing up at a medical mistress who will subdue you, and control your breathing...until... Nostalgia is guaranteed by using genuine, authentic, vintage anaesthesia/anesthesia trolleys from bygone eras to activate and retrieve your earliest, most emotive memories. Then you were a vulnerable, powerless, scared little boy in those embarrassing plastic pants (or were they rubber pants?). Now you are just a little bigger plastic or rubber pants. Either way I can recreate those memories of gas hissing, the swish and scent of rubber, and the inevitable submission to the mask as it descends onto your face. Anna List (also known as Nurse Anna, or Lady Anna), became one of the only breath play specialists worldwide as she studied the intricate detail required to recreate those sometimes traumatic memories that puberty transformed into an all-consuming fetish. An itch that needs scratching. An itch that demands only the best medical mistress, the medical and breath play gas specialist that you deserve. Come...let me scratch you. Let me strap you down. Let me introduce you to my mask. Breathe deeply for me.

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​Anna's submissive patients, and huge range of medical and dental fetishists, come from all over the world, but nearly all come from one of the following routes: 1. A traumatic dental experience, usually as a young boy, undergoing a tooth extraction under gas sedation. A rubber apron clad nurse stands by, whilst a black mask descends on their terrified little face... and then nothing until they come around feeling sick from the anaesthetic, vulnerable, often with the taste of blood in their mouth. They may even discover that they have wet themselves, hence why they were told to wear plastic or rubber pants. How humiliated and traumatised those little boys must have felt! ​​2. A medical emergency, for example appendicitis, again a traumatic experience where our young patient had zero control.pain and fear, relying on the benevolence of his nurse. Was she kind and maternal? Or was she off-hand and strict? or 3. A lifelong interest in bondage, feeling safe and secure, being kept, being checked and cared for by a more powerful woman...the ultimate power exchange submitting to breath control play. She controls what and when I breathe. She could kill me. Will she? Furnished with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) First Class in Psychology (BPS accredited), a few decades of studying the male human animal, and almost 20 years of playing with a large range of submissives and fetishists, Anna List understands your brain's need to replay this trauma which your puberty later fetishised. To protect you, your brain eroticised your trauma. You are left with an interminable itch that demands to be scratched, or smothered, sedated, or otherwise subdued.  Open your mind and allow me full access. I will move around your head, discovering your triggers, rewiring your traumas, and I will blow your mind. You are in control now. The scared little boy wasn't in control. But you are grown, and financially secure, and you are in control now. Hand that control to me. Let me finsh what your brain started.

Nurse knows. Nurse understands. Nurse can help you. 

Nurse knows best!

Click on the department signs above to find out more about the unique experiences made possible by the foremost medical mistress and breath play gas specialist, or browse the gallery below. Definitely NSFW but guaranteed to make you yearn to be strapped down under my intense gaze. 



It is my deeply held opinion that Lady Anna is the world leader among the myriad of professional mistresses operating today, in terms of both the specific nature of her medical specialties and level of skill she employs when practising them. Employing authentic and rare vintage clinical apparatus of a quality and range not often seen outside of a museum, she uses her deep understanding of the psychological underpinning of the full range of medical fetishes to unpick the needs and desires of her clients, and manipulates that information to create deeply rewarding sessions that satisfy the cravings of even the most particular patients.

  • Is this a real medical clinic? Are you a qualified nurse?
    No, not at all. I have done several First Aid courses, but that is the limit of my qualified medical knowledge. All the scenarios you see here are purely for entertainment purposes only and should in no way be seen as an alternative to consulting a real doctor or dentist, or indeed sitting in A&E for several hours watching the drunk guy trying to push his bus pass into the coffee vending machine. I can however, guarantee that it will be a lot more fun, memorable, enlightening, and you will wish that you had visited me sooner. Comfortably edgy. Excitingly certain. Confidently expensive.
  • So what treatments are available at The Anna List Clinic?
    I enjoy: Urethral sounding Scrotal infusion Foreskin infusion (devised by myself many years ago) Shaving Needles Nailing Rectal stretching Electro play Restraints Sensory deprivation Rubber therapies But my passions are: Breath control Anaesthetic role play Dental fetish And I will: Be objectively analysing you constantly as I question and probe you so that you confess to me, more than you have ever confessed to anyone (including yourself), ever before.
  • Okay, but would you pull my tooth? Castrate me? Perform a circumcision?
    Good grief! Look, I know that it can be nigh on impossible to see a dentist quickly but even if I was mad enough to pull your tooth out with my rusty pliers I'd possibly faint, or throw up on you and I don't do Roman Showers! This is role play, for mostly middle aged people, with too much free time on their hands, who still like to play doctors and nurses wearing anything from genuine NHS patient gowns, to rubber catsuits, to....well, I can't tell you but it was absolutely hilarious. I can PRETEND to all of the above, no problem, but not really actually do it for real.
  • Are there other things you won't do?
    Oh yes, a few things. I'll list them... Sex. Obviously. Scat. Just no. Snips. As in circumcision or even castration. Yes, I have been asked. Don't freak me out. You're supposed to be sane when you consent to seeing me and agreeing to my procedures. Asking to be castrated worries me greatly and so I'll just shoo you out of my door and move to another city.
  • Do you do chloroform, or ether? Poppers?
    Chloroform and ether are very dangerous anaesthetic chemicals from another, less informed, era. Highly dangerous and carcinogenic, so no, nope, nada. I've also been asked about ethyl chloride, trilene (aka trichloroethylene or TCE), nitrous oxide (aka N2O or laughing gas), halothane, and even the more modern anaesthetic agents still used in hospitals today such as sevoflurane. As if! So that I can offer a genuine authentic experience, to help you relive your recreated memories, I have extensively studied YouTube videos and old films to ensure that it feels as real as possible. Never underestimate the power of suggestion! Anyway, I mean honestly, if I did 'do' them, I'd hardly admit it would I? 😆 I often have poppers in stock. It's the type that is legal in the UK iso-propyl nitrite, so definitely not the proper amyl nitrite that they used to use in the bad old days.
  • Are novices welcome?
    Honestly? Probably not. I'm not the sort of medical mistress that one books simply because I'm the closest to you, or the first one who popped up on Google. I have extensive, specialised skills that are usually enjoyed by experienced submissives and fetishists. I'm also the most expensive. However, that's not to say that I haven't been impressed by the applications of a few novices who were subsequently lucky enough to have their cherries popped by little ol' me. Thoughful, considered applications are very carefully regarded. Rushed, incomplete, or incoherent applications aren't even deleted. They are left to languish and crumble to dust in my inbox. No more thought given.
  • Do you tour? You're too far away.
    No. One day I may buy an old ambulance and set up camp in laybys or supermarket car parks, dodging Feds but until then, me and my anaesthetic trolleys are staying put in West Yorkshire. If you really want to experience The Anna List Clinic you will come to me. Until then, perhaps you could consider the next best thing and order a Custom Clip.
  • How do I apply to see you?
    Click here to see further information and then click on the application button to complete my form. If your application is of a poor quality I won't even bother to respond to you. You get back what you give. The effort made at this point indicates to me the effort you will likely make during a sesson.
© Anna's content, not yours!

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