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Ordering on AnnaListTV

Unfortunately, I am having to blog about ordering on AnnaListTV because I have had a rather frustrating time this weekend with someone who has really annoyed me.

When you place an order on my other website for clips, you receive an automatic email thanking you for your order, instructing you to how to pay, and advising you the order will be usually fulfilled within 24 hours subject to receiving payment.

This is what happened.

20 Sept 2023 at 23:40 - Notification received from my website to let me know an order has been placed.

21 Sept 2023 at 13:46 - Payment received.

21 Sept 2023 at 13:46 - Payment pending. Huh? Pending?

21 Sept at 13:47 - Buyer replies to my automatic order confirmation to let me know payment made.

21 Sept at 21:18 - I was out all day, but as soon as I checked my emails later that night, I immediately emailed the buyer to inform him that the payment was pending. Not received, but pending, so obviously there would be a delay.

No reply. That's fine, I don't expect anyone to sit staring at their inbox.

I looked into my account to try and discover what the issue was.

The buyer had referred to 'a video' in his message. My guess was this word triggered something in the system, flagged it, and the transaction was automatically converted to pending because videos, films, movies and clips are considered high risk by the card companies.

21 Sept at 21:21 - I immediately informed the buyer my suspicions, and as soon as the transaction was cleared from pending I would fulfil the order. I also advised it could be up to 7 days.

No reply. Again, he's probably got other things to do.

22 Sept - I had a busy morning at the doctor, then I spent all afternoon during an extremely enjoyable filming session.

23 Sept - Went out to spend some time with friends.

No replies from the buyer, to any of my emails.

However, it is only now that I can see, through checking the message history, that he messaged through my payment processor on 23 Sept at 10:17, asking where his video was.

Surely he received my emails, they were sent directly to his hotmail account, as replies to the emails he sent me so wouldn't have ended up in junk.

24 Sept at 11:09 - I receive a notification.

Seriously? Seriously!!?

24 Sept at 11:12 - I emailed the buyer again asking if he was receiving my emails. I also messaged through the payment system asking if he had read any of my emails.

I waited an hour for a response.

Nothing. Mr Impatient had disappeared on me, yet again.

24 Sept at 12:20 - I refunded the idiot, in full, and both messaged and emailed to tell him to NEVER ever order from me again, or visit my websites, or my socials.

How aggravating!

I shall throw him off my websites, subscribers list and if I find him anywhere else I shall block him. After this blog is published and distributed of course. I want him to know that he is a blithering idiot.

No confidence in the seller indeed!

Lesson from this tale of woe?

Please do not leave a message in the payment processor. Nothing. I can match your name to your order without any issue. If anyone mentions clip or movie or video, or download, or anything similar to these terms, I shall immediately refund you and blacklist you forever.

Now you know what not to do....please take a look at all my uncensored, full of the #bestbits videos.

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