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Cruel Women - from KinkKapture

Announcing a new members site, featuring Cruel Women, filmed and produced by KinkKapture who you will already know has filmed and produced my films for many years.

Who Are The Cruel Women?

Cruel Women will feature Mistresses, from around the UK, who delight in tormenting their helpless victims.

They Catch, Cuff, Chain, Cage, Confine, Chastise, Castrate, Cross-dress, Condition, Cuckold & Cheat.

The Ladies will also place some of their toys in Chastity for good measure. I mean, heck, why not eh?

KinkKapture will be there to document the trials and tribulations of hapless and helpless submissives and slaves who may well regret their decision to submit to the Cruel Women.

Professional films and photos

Whether the slaves and submissives regret or rejoice their decision to put themselves in the hands of Cruel Women, KinkKapture will capture all the action in professionally filmed, edited and produced films that are already taking the internet by storm.

Real UK women, real Dommes, real action, all for your viewing pleasure. Be Careful What You Wish For!

Go now to see what we're putting our slaves and submissives through. If you dare!

Join Cruel Women today


Stories, Videos, and Photo Sets.

Are you a member yet?

PS YES! I will be joining in on the action

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