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Kidnap and Confinement with Anna List @ Cruel Women

Your favourite Fetish Nurse and Mistress can also be seen at a brand new website entitled Cruel Women.

Kidnap & Confinement

Rather than my usual medical scenarios, Cruel Women has a more basic, less clinical, chilling quality based in an industrial slash dungeon setting. This isn't an appointment, this is kidnap and confinement!

My regular appearances on Cruel Women include chains, bondage, punishment, and of course humiliation and tease.

My favourite place to park an unruly slave is in the dark, confined oubliette.

Instead of my nurse uniform, I am dressed more warmly for my chilly dank kidnap facility in leather boots, leather gloves and either my long leather coat, or my shiny PVC raincoat.

There is no warm bedside manner here.

There is no comfort.

But there is something in my pocket, and that something will disarm and disorientate you.

Your confusion and - if you dare - disobedience will be dealt with very very firmly.

When I yank your chain you will conform immediately or you will find yourself regretting your mistake!

The last thing you may ever see will be my eyes.

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