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Will I Sell My Posey Straitjacket?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Will I sell my Posey straitjacket? After my last blog which was an overview of medical bondage, and my authentic collection of desirable items, I received a message through my contact form.

Hi Lady Anna, Are you interested in selling your Posey straitjackets? I could offer you a really good rate if interested. Thanks

I refused, because well, really? Can't you tell from my blog that I really, really, really like my Posey? I've stored it carefully for the last 5 years, and I've come out of retirement to start sessioning and filming again. I blogged about how hard it is to get hold of one!

These restrictions can mean that once you get your hands on a genuine Posey straitjacket, you feel as though you have won the lottery. If you are lucky enough to see one for sale in the UK, snap it up. It is possible to purchase from the United States via ebay, but I suspect they may get stopped by customs.

So no, no I am not interested in selling.

But he wasn't about to give up.

Hi Anna, Would $700 USD change your mind? :) These straitjackets are also on the market and they are virtually the same: I own two of them and they are also escape-proof. Thanks

Bless him, the link goes to a copy of a Posey retailing for a mere €195. It looks the part, but it isn't a Posey. I can earn $700 in a couple of hours so nah, nope, nada, no, US$700 doesn't tempt me in the slightest.

Hi Anna, You're right they aren't the same quality but they are pretty close. If you change your mind or have a figure in mind that you would sell for, please let me know. Thanks!

It will never happen. If I ever sold in the distant future it would be for a fortune because I know how much these are worth to a genuine medical fetishist. It isn't just about quality, or the aesthetic, it is because IT IS A POSEY. The fact that it is authentic, genuine, and recognised brand is important.

I know that my clients appreciate quality. Yes, you can get a copy, but a copy will always be just a copy and as this guy has shown, you can have as many copies as you want, but you will always want a Posey.

Want to know something really odd? I have absolutely no idea where I got it from. I have completely forgotten. If anyone knows, please let me know pahahahaha!

And for anyone else tempted with my Posey, or my Humane Restraints, or my Salisbury,or my McKessons....hands off!


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