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Why is VAT added to my Patreon/AnnaListTV?

Why is VAT added to my Patreon/AnnaListTV? I'm not VAT registered, at least not yet anyway, so why am I charging VAT?

I'm not!

I can't!

Weirdly, due to EU laws regarding the application of VAT to digital products, it is Patreon, the platform itself, that is charging VAT as they are registered for VAT. Regulations mean that I give my content to Patreon, and they sell it for me on my behalf.


I've read the endless support pages and I know now that I can advise Patreon what value I subscribe to my different types of content. I'm not sure that anyone can argue with me on that point.


Anyway, now that I have fiddled and corrected the arbitrary equal percentages across ALL benefits, it has resulted in less VAT for you to pay because the point of the pledge is actually general support for my endeavours, with just a bit of content thrown in for your generosity.


So if you're also interested in supporting me, and getting a bit of content as a thank you please visit AnnaListTV at Patreon.

Go on, watch it again x

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