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Leather Straps At The Dentist?

Updated: May 19, 2022

This blog might be where you can help me? Did your dentist ever use leather straps to restrain you to his chair?

That sound slightly terrifying, doesn't it? A dentist with leather straps?

Shall We Strap You In The Chair?

But no, it was simply because the dentist had to ensure that a difficult patient, or a lengthy procedure was made safer by #strappinginthepatient, so they were comfortable in the chair.

I imagine it is easy for an unconscious patient to slip in a chair, but knowing my chair, I'm not so sure because once I have tipped it back, it is quite difficult to extract yourself from it whilst fully conscious!

Watch from 1min 15secs to see the strap being fitted.

Securing The Patient

It's also quite common for patients under #anaesthesia to become distressed, or confused, and occasionally see or hear #hallucinations. Whatever state the patient's mind is in, it is intensified by the anaesthesia.

Securing a patient prior to #induction will reduce the chance of them struggling and potentially hurting themselves, or the dental staff.

Straps With Quick Release Buckles

What I can't see clearly in this film is the strap mechanism. I'm very keen to see the buckles because I have an interesting find from my favourite site, eBay!

I'm particularly pleased with this strap because I missed out on some similar straps a couple of years ago.

As you can see from the images above, if I needed to release a patient quickly, I could, without fumbling with the strap. A quick flick at the buckle and the previously secure strap will just fall away.

Dental Nose Mask For One?

Despite my nice collection of #dentalnosemasks, I rarely use them. I think it is because I have my favourite, unique, #Everseal which is so very popular with my patients.

After watching that #vintagedentalfilm though, I'm rather keen to train my patients to nose breathe, and if they fail I shall simply place my latex clad hand over their mouth. I think I may even have to reproduce that film, but in my own style of course.

What do you think?

Shall I?

Fireman's Quick Release Buckle?

Whilst doing some research on this type of strap, I could only find textual reference to quick release buckles in the fire service. It seems that these buckles were used either for fireman's belts (I'm assuming trousers) or for securing equipment in the fire engines.

Can You Add Anything More? So, do you remember these straps? Have you found any interesting references online to give any further insights?

  • Links?

  • YouTube videos?

  • Personal experience?

Click the button below and shoot me a few lines.

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May 07, 2022

My first memory of being tied in a dentist’s chair for gas extraction aged 6 is still as clear today and that was 1959!! Nasal masks are wonderful but not experienced full anaesthesia for so many years with one. Can always dream. It’s max 40% nitrous now sadly at a dentist if you are lucky. Then there was halothane and nitrous, which was much more exciting. Memories.......


May 05, 2022

A good old fashioned training film from the distant past. All the elements of the gas fetish are there. It would be superb to see a modern remake. It would better than some of the Hollywood efforts certainly!

As for the straps, I've concluded that they were most likely sourced locally and were many and varied. The one in the film is an early aircraft passenger belt.


Great post. I've never been strapped down to a dentist chair - yet! :) And I've experienced the black beauty anesthesia mask and Nitrous but the nasal mask, but one day, I would love to experience being strapped down like this.

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