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What's Going Wrong At The Clinic! (and right?)

It's not always sunshine and roses at The Clinic. Things go wrong! Things go wrong a lot. Sometimes I am tearing my hair out seconds before I am smiling and greeting my patient for his latest treatment.

Things break.

Things fail.

Often at the worst time!

Typically I am often scrolling YouTube videos for tutorials on plumbing, or decorating disasters. More on that later, but first....

Subby Hubby Gone Wrong

My subby hubby is out of action, because of gastroenteritis, which has caused a few issues. 1. Editing has ground to a halt.

2. I must cook for myself.

The good news is that I can still navigate

  • the shops

  • the fridge

  • the oven

  • the sink

I even took the bins out.

The bad news, for hubster, is that I am not a good nurse. No bedside manner. No tolerance for moans and groans. No mopping of fevered brow. I'm more of a "Here's your soup/pills/drink/toilet roll/don't touch anything! Wash your bloody hands!!" type of nurturer.

But I did save his life when he had sepsis, so it's not all bad being married to me. He owes me BIG time.

I'm also taxi for mini-domme, chief cat slave scooper upper and chef, and as mini-domme has been spending the last week preparing for, and attending Parklife, I'm the sole sh*t shoveller for our horses.

In short, Mistress is knack... slightly fatigued.

Ceiling Lights Gone Wrong

Years ago, I decided to have the ceiling light in the what is now Clinic removed. I needed the space for throwing whips, or swinging canes and floggers. My handyman did it for me, shortening the cable, and tucking the wires back into the ceiling/pendant. Recently, I decided to fit a ceiling light back as the light I did have wasn't sufficient.

Do you know how hard it is trying to get a sparky, or plumber actually, who isn't a gossip? They know everybody. Everyone knows them. Word soon gets around about the woman at XXXXX which is a pain, but packing everything away just for one to not turn up is too much of a buggeration too.

Much easier to do it oneself. How hard can it be anyway? Switch the mains off, take off the existing ceiling pendant...remove the wires from the connectors...easy peasy...and that's when all my ceiling lights stopped working.

Many weeks later, after studying ceiling loop wiring, assuring hubby that its easy once you know how, discovering spring lever connectors (I LOVE THESE!), buying a wire stripper, soothing hubby's nerves, I managed to wire it all up and fit the ceiling light.

Ceiling Tiles Gone Wrong

Now that I am 99.9% satisfied with the configuration of the main room in the Clinc, and I have finally worked out how to wire in and fit a ceiling light, and even fitted said ceiling light, and it works, I was able to order the mirrored ceiling tiles. Common sense and a bit of research informed me that you don't get glass tiles. Obviously they would be quite heavy, and the risk of one or two falling, and the risk of that being on my head or my patient's head would just not be worth the aesthetic, no matter how fabulous. I'm going for jaw dropping, not head splitting. I duly ordered several boxes of acrylic mirror tiles. I received several boxes of glass mirror tiles. From China.

I'll be fitting some mirror tiles to the walls in the Clinic very soon.

Operating Light Gone Wrong

A couple of months ago I acquired a reconditioned operating light to add to my very dark Clinic.

A couple of weeks ago the lamp failed. All three bulbs. As I unplugged the light from extension to wall or wall to extension it just stopped working. So much for being reconditioned.

My first hope was fuse. It needs two, those slow blow ones, so ordered those. It turns out that it wasn't the fuses so it had to be something else. The lamp has a little indicator light when the power switch is on so I knew the power was fine to the lamp, but failed between switch and big heavy taped up box thing with an ancient American manufacturers label attached to it.

Thankfully a patient, S, identified it as a capacitor. Google wasn't helpful. I couldn't find anything remotely resembling my capacitor.

Twitter gave me another helpful chap or two who identified it as a transformer. S is going to get it!!

Not a transformer, or a in...merciless punishment of some sort. Maybe I'll wire up my Hitachi Magic Wand to the mains...nope, it already attaches to the main via plug, doh. Oh no! I know! I'll wire up my metal mortuary trolley to the mains. I've got some long white cable ties to hold him down. He can sizzle as I slowly and carefully explain to him the differences between capacitors and transformers.

Decision has been made to convert the operating light to LED and replace the transformer with a driver. That's my next job.

Wall Light Gone Wrong

Months ago I bought one of those extending arm lights. It needed to be wired in so I put it off for ages.

High on the success of fitting a working ceiling light I fitted the wall light, wired it up, turned it on and nada.

It turns out that it wasn't one of those bulbs you just twist to remove.

Which begs the are you supposed to know if it is PUSH, TWIST and PULL, or JUST PULL, or SCREW?

Why do we have to guess? Is a label too much to ask?

I've got a replacement bulb now, but now I am considering converting this to LED as well.

That's my next job.

Until It All Goes Right

Life is a balance between the great and the not so great. Every cloud and all that. Stop moaning and start looking.

  1. I can now wire in ceiling lights, wall lights, and I have my very own wire stripper.

  2. I can still cook.

  3. Hubby is getting better. Thank god. I'm getting fed up of cup of soups and Bockwurst.

  4. Had some new ideas.

  5. Received a lovely testimonial.

New Ideas

I can blog from my point of view. I can blog from what I think you think point of view. I can even give you an insight into my head.

But I can't be you. So this is where my guest bloggers come in.

Guest Bloggers
I have recruited a couple of fetishists who I think should be able to rustle up an interesting blog or two.

No pressure guys, but I hope to be able to let them post their first blog very soon.

I love to hear the guys talk. I love reading their thoughts.

  • What is going on in their head?

  • Why do they see Mistresses?

  • How do they choose?

  • Do they ever regret having fetishes?

  • Are they submissive?

Reading Corner

I also believe, very strongly, in presenting myself as a multi layered, well rounded, complex person rather than an anodyne face and body with a carefully curated/hidden personality. I understand why Mistresses do this. Nobody wants to scare off a potential client. Totally makes sense and I should have probably shut up when I was new.

But you see, that is how we end up with rubbish clients, and you end up with rubbish Mistresses. By rubbish, I mean we just don't gel. I spend a huge amount of time during session talking about this and that. Or rather my clients do, and I listen a lot, file it all away, interject with some salient points, and I tune myself into your wavelength.

I'm not just a mask and a trolley you know. I've got a big brain in my head and I rarely lose an argument. By argument I mean destroy your opinion with logic and example. By destroy I mean, prepare to be challenged and don't get too upset when I counter challenge. If you win, I'll knock you out, so there's no evidence of it and, oh look, I still win.

I need to scroll less, and read more. I stopped reading a few years back, and need to start again.

If you are reading this with horror, then good, that's a win for me because I won't like you and you won't like me, and a win for you because you won't waste your time or mine.

Oh yes, so for my own good, my own accountability, I'm going to add a bit to the end of each blog, letting you know what I am currently reading. Maybe you will read with me?

That's it for now.

Hubster wants something else.

Cats are demanding to be fed.

I need to wash up some mugs. PS

<<<< Do you like my new signature?


I forgot to mention my new testimonial! Most of the time I have to cajole my clients into giving me a testimonial for my site. "Fancy doing a testimonial for my new site? Nothing too over the top and gushy. Keep it discreet, no details".

One day I'll get one without asking. *sigh* Here it is. Freshly cajoled and prised out of one of my patients. I call him Tigger.


Counterknowledge: How We Surrendered to Conspiracy Theories, Quack Medicine, Bogus Science and Fake History

Damian Thompson


During 2020 I, and most of the rest of the world, became seriously alarmed at the crazy taking over.

Too many people. Too much time. Too much internet.

Fact is being shoved to the side because fiction, and fantasy is much more entertaining and reality is fast becoming whatever the latest Tik Tok craze is.

Critical thinking is no longer taught. Nobody seems to understand the scientific method.

"The latest science proves [insert crazy claim here] so educate yourself!"

Er, I did. BSc First Class. I understand the rigours of science methodology, and more importantly the restrictions. Journalists focus on the abstract, but scientists pull the research method and data analysis apart. Anyone who screams "Science proves..." should be quietly shushed and given TikTok until they calm down.

The scientific method played a huge part in the Enlightenment. That was in the 18th century. We're now going backwards.

Science is being shoved aside for political and religious reasons. Ideology is taking over, and it is powerful.

Counterknowledge is being taught, and pushed, and funded, and believed.

Fact is being repackaged as untruth. Lies are being repackaged as 'their truth', whether that is politician, religious leader, pseudohistorian, author, online course seller, maker of candles.

As always: follow the money.

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Jun 13, 2022

Hmmm, yes I think I'm most certainly on the No Frills Health Care Plan 😐

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