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Podcast Update

As you may have read here, I have decided to reschedule my podcast to once a month, which is more in line with existing podcasts and much easier on me and my workload. I'll be starting to film soon so I don't want to get all stressy juggling filming and podcasting.

So yep, you'll have to wait a month between podcasts UNLESS you are one of my patrons. So what does that mean?


If you join my Patreon, you will become a patron. Patrons get benefits because they have subscribed. These are the tiers and what you get if you join that tier.

  • £5 a month - Listen to my podcasts before they are available for general release.

    • You will also get the complete interview, whereas non-patrons will only get the first part of any interview.

    • You'll also get sneak previews of my brand new content as they get edited and before they are available for general release.

  • £12.50 a month - What a £5 a month patron gets PLUS Listen to my Patreon exclusive episodes, 'Mistress Memoirs'. These episodes are my memories and recollections from my first signs of kink and fetish to the present day.

    • How does a woman become a Mistress!?

    • Two episodes per month.

  • £20 a month - All of the above PLUS Listen to my bonus episodes, 'Pillow Talk'. These are episodes recorded with my subby hubby. We talk about our Female Led Relationship, and other lifestyle choices.

    • Two episodes per month.

  • £100 a month - All of the above PLUS A personal chat with me. You will have an hour with me each month on the phone to use how you choose. Do you need a friendly ear, some advice, coaching, help with an issue or talk about anything else that interests you. (Please note that this is not a sexual service and please keep in mind that there are a limited number of these slots available and they will be finishing soon).

All prices are plus VAT.

So there is a tier to suit every pocket with extra benefits the higher you choose.

Click below for more details.

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