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Old Clinic, New Look

Updated: May 19, 2022

Newly familiar. Revamped. Old clinic, new look.

My current website never really reflected my new old clinic. You'd be forgiven for thinking that perhaps I was working out of a garden shed, due to the old images I was using and the newer images from my stop gap place.

Five years of not seeing me and you could be forgiven for thinking I was now an aged crone with wrinkles and a grey curly bob. Ha! As if. I have this painting in my attic you see, it has been there a long time now, but I can't let anyone view it.

Instead, you may view my new website, as soon as it is ready, which should be soon. I keep finding bits to tweak and then completely rearrange, and I'm still adding to my various collections in the clinic so even the newest photos and videos are never up to date. Make sure you return to see what else is happening at The Anna List Clinic and you may just see some new not yet released video teasers that will get your motor revving. Shall I let you see one now? Maybe... Oh go on then...

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1 commentaire

Elwyn Roberts
Elwyn Roberts
13 mai 2022

Yes mistress ♥️

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