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Not long after I came out of retirement, Covid hit. Unable to continue with real-time sessions and knowing that there were hundreds of patients needing my attention, I looked at my online options. 

I have decided that Only Fans will be where I interact with my fans and share various aspects of my life with them. It is here that I will tease you with content about my lifestyle as the Mistress in a Female Led Relationship. 

It is on Only Fans where I share with you my love for PVC raincoats, fur, and anything else that I can't indulge in my Clinic. 

There are two options:


1. Free

I will tease you with the briefest of insights into my personal life.



2. Paid.

I will show you a lot more, and you will share your life with me. 



Fear not. I will still include my clinic happenings, it is just that OF is a not happy to host my more extreme medical content.

If you want the full length, no hold barred content click below.

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