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Silicone Breast Plate: a review

Over the last few weeks I have had a couple of patients who have undergone a rubber doll transformation in The Clinic, waking up with long red or blue hair.

This tickles me a lot, so I decided to order a silicone breast plate to add to my Clinic's arsenal of toys. Here's the review!

I spent hours searching for just the right boobs.

  • Do I get cotton filled boobs which are lighter than the silicone filled ones?

  • With a neck, or without? Do I want to see chest hair poking out over boobies?

  • Modest neat manageable boobs?

  • Ridiculously huge cartoon boobs?

I decided on the full breast plate with cotton filled F cup breasts.

Obviously, having my own boobs, I can't try it on to see how the breast plate fits, so I roped in my trusty subby hubby who has a huge hairy chest, to see if the proportions were okay.

When he stopped playing with them, and I could peel him away from the mirror, I checked the fit and the stretch.

They are ridiculously huge, soft and malleable, with great big nipples.

Now I have them, I'm not sure they'll fit into any of my rubber catsuits, oh well, we'll squeeze them in somehow, I'm sure.

I'm looking forward to some further rubberdoll transformations in the Gummiklinik.

Are you?

Would you like be transformed into a rubberdoll?

  • Yes please, Nurse!

  • No, not for me Nurse

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Elwyn Roberts
Elwyn Roberts

Dear Mistress, I'm excited to imagine such a transformation and to witness it also would be sublime ♥️

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